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In Waterloo Road. Still a pub today.

According to "The History & Gazeteer of Hampshire & Isle of Wight" of 1859 lists a Thomas PAGETT as Innkeeper. I don't know where this was located. I've a sneaking suspicion it was located on the corner of Wellington Street and the High Street next door to Woolworths and on the site where Burtons Tailors was for many years.

Alexandra Hotel:
On the corner of Alexandra Road and Barrack Road. Still open today and nbow known as the Alex. Next door was the old Alexandra cinema.

Army & Navy:
According to "The History & Gazeteer of Hampshire & Isle of Wight" of 1859 lists a Jas BARNARD as Innkeeper. Today it has been redeveloped into flats and is to be found on the corner of Kings Road and Western Road.

Bank Tavern:
Situated at the corner of Grosvenor Road and Laburnam Road. Originally a Farnham United Breweries tied house it became pasrt of Symonds Breweries (of Alton?) which was taken over by Courage breweries of Reading. Named after Bank Street which was the original name of Grosvenor Road. Still in existence and now called the Unicorn.

Found at the junction of Pound Road and the High Street in the oldest or original part of Aldershot. The Beehive and the Red Lion nearby were the only two inns in the town before the Army arrived in the 1850s. A Hampshire Directory of 1852 lists the landlord as Henry WEBSTER. By 1859 "The History & Gazeteer of Hampshire & Isle of Wight" lists the landlord as HORNER.

Bell Inn:
Located in Union Terrace in the 1890s, (not sure where that is) the landlord was one Josh BILLINGS (late of the Royal Dragoons).

In Waterloo Road a converted house. Today it has been re-converted back into a private residence.

Brickmakers Delight:
Off Ayling Lane near an old brick kiln. Both now long since gone.

Once stood on the corner on Victoria Road and the High Street opposite the Recreation Ground and Aldershot Football Club. It has been closed some years now although the building still stands. Now converted into flats.

Cricketers Inn:
Next door to the Cannon it was replaced by the old Liberal Club which was opened in 1914.

Standing on the corner of Crimea Road and the High Street just up from The Cannon and the Cricketers Inn. The pub dates from the towns early development. The present day building dates from the 1930s when the old inn was rebuilt. During the rebuilding, an old Miné rifle, used in the Crimea was removed from from above the main doorway where it had hung for the last fifty years. Still a pub today although now standing on it's own. "The History & Gazeteer of Hampshire & Isle of Wight" of 1859 shows the landlord as Edw. BENHAM.

Duke of York:
At the junction of Ayling Lane and Weybourne Road built in 1912. Still a pub today.

Elephant & Castle:
The History, Gazeteer and Directory of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight published in 1859 records the landlord as edward TOMKINS & George RODWELL. It stood on the corner of Sebastopol Road and the High Street. Long since closed and now disappeared.

Florence Nightingale:
On Aldershot Green, again I'm unsure where this is, perhaps at the bottom of Church Hill. My source of info states it is behind Ivy Cottages, then called St. Georges Square. In 1872 the Aldershot School Board inspected the premises for use as a school but was rejected on the grounds of it being to delapilated.

Fox and Hounds Inn:
One of the oldest buildings in Aldershot after Manor Place. It was better known as the "Dog Kennels" situated on the Weybourne Road opposite the bottom end of Ayling Lane. The buildings date from Tudor or early Stuart periods.It was owned in the 1880s by one BROWNING.

Garden Gate:
Located in Church Lane East just after crossing the Five Arch Bridge and still a pub today. Its name comes from the market garden that once was behind the inn. This is now or was as it's now closed the site for Edgooses timber yard. My source also states a Garden Gate Inn located in Ash Road.

George Hotel:
Now known as the Goose (quite why I don't know). Situated on the corner of Victoria Road and Wellington Street.

Golden Lion:
Situated opposite Aldershot Green at the bottom of Church Hill and on the High Street. Proclaims on the outside that it was built in 1787. Now run by Joe Jopling former Aldershot Football Club skipper.

Not quite in Aldershot, but as I have aphoto I thought I would put it in. Situated on the Ash Road just past the old Gas and Elictricty works.

Hampshire Hog:
Not known where this was located.

Heights of Alma:
Was to be found in Waterloo Road.

Heroes of Lucknow:
In North Lane. Still going today.

At the junction of Church Lane East and the Lower Farnham Road. It takes its name from Heron Wood at the northern end of Aldershot Park between Whyte Avenue and the county boundary.

Not known where this was located.

Imperial Standard:
Built around 1869 and located on the junction of Western Road and Kings Road..

Indian Heroes:
Located in Grosvenor Road.

Jolly Farmer:
Located in Ash Road and was in existence by 1869.

Lord Campbell:
Situated in Alexandra Road still going today. Is this the former Rifleman pub?

Nags Head:
Located in North Town. One of the towns first schools was a room upstairs in the inn.

New Found Out:
It was located in Deadbrook Lane, which leads down to Field Way. It was an inn patronized by farmers, drovers and bargees. It was converted into three cottages in the 1880s. Probably long since gone.

Pavilion Hotel:
Was located on the junction of the West end of Pavilion Road and Legge Cresent.

Originally called "Dibdens Bar", it was renamed in 1949 as the Pegasus. The pub is well known for its connections with the Airborne Forces Regiments and with the events at Arnheim.

Prince Albert:
Located at the junction of North Lane and Deadbrook Lane. Now a beauty salon called Barry Phillipe.

Prince of Wales:
Situated at the junction of Lower Farnham Road and Ash Road. it appears on a map of the town dated 1859.

Queens Head:
Was to be found in Waterloo Road. Not to be confused with the one in North Lane.

Queens Head:
Found in North Lane still in use today as a pub.

Queen Hotel:
Found at the junction of Grosvenor Road and the High Street opposite the Warbug car park (site of the old East Barracks and gate). Still in use today.

Red Lion:
One of the oldest pubs in Aldershot and one of the original in the old town. Located on the junction of Ash Road and Brighton Road. A Hampshire Directory of 1852 notes the landlord as George FOULKENER. The original building was demolished some years ago. There is an old tale associated with the pub you can read about it here.

Railway Tavern:
Towards the Farnham and five arch bridge end of Grosvenor Road. Still a pub today.

Standing on the bend of Alexandra Road. Perhaps now known as the Lord Campbell.

Rising Sun:
A few yards along from the White Hart in Queens Road. Still in use today. I last went in there about 1974.

Row Barge;
It was situated by the wharf bridge over the Basingstoke Canal on the Farnborough Road. Demolished many years ago. I believe it became the Wharf Cafe.

Royal Military Hotel:
On the corner of Pickford Street and the High Street. Converted to flats sometime in the 1990s.

Royal Staff Hotel:
At the top of Waterloo Road on Mount Pleasant Road. Still open today.

South Western Hotel:
Presumably built by the London & South Western Railway on its arrival in the town. Now renamed and still a pub today. It did become known for being the haunt of prostitutes etc.

Located in Short St off Union Street. Still a pub today.

Uncle Toms Cabin:
This was next door to the Queens Hotel in the High Street.

Located in Church Lane East just along from the Garden Gate, its name is reminiscent of the cornfields that were once where Upper St Michaels Road and and the houses thereabouts are now standing.

Wheelwrights Arms:
Was to be found at the bottom of Waterloo Road. Converted into flats within the last ten years and now called Wheelwrights. On one side of the building is a sign showing the way into the Beer Garden.

White Hart:
Built before 1869, in Queens Road just past the junction of Perowne Street and York Road, still a pub today. Just along from the Rising Sun.

White Horse:
Was to be found in Waterloo Road.

White Lion:
On the corner of Stone Street and Lower Farnham Road. Built before 1859.

White Swan:
Situated in North Lane.


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