Executive Committee

  Justin Coll Chairman
I am Justin Coll, the chairman of the ACS. I have a keen interest in Aldershot, its history and more importantly it’s future. The civic society has a role to play in making sure the best of our town is preserved for future generations to enjoy, whilst ensuring new developments are in keeping with what local people want and need. I would also like to see the civic society become active in helping people enjoy our town, through events and activities that show off our town and its civic community.
 lenlamplugh Len Lamplugh Vice Chair
 I am Len Lamplugh, Vice-Chairman of the society.  I have been a member since it first started in 1995 and I serve on many local committees.
 philipthompson Philip Thompson Vice Chair
 Founder member of second Aldershot Civic Society circa 1990. I worked in Aldershot for many years since 1970. Ran my own business from 1983 in Aldershot. Sold Accountancy business in Victoria Road in 2011. Rowhill Nature Reserve member and other Rushmoor organisations for many years.
Anne Newton Secretary
John Parsons Treasurer
 David Phillips  Town Centre Manager
 Anthony Jarrett  Planning Executive
 Sheila Brooks  Membership Executive
 Gillian Doughty  Membership Executive
 Stephen Dawson  Parks Executive
 Keith Bean  Historic Executive
 John Parsons  Strategy Executive
 Roger Deason Asset of Community Value  Executive
 Dan Trubridge  Civic Voice Executive
 Newsletter Executive
 2015-09-26 08.48.26  Kate Rees  Website and Social Media
I’ve lived in Aldershot since 2009. I am actively involved in the Aldershot Community Workshops where I am currently organising an outdoor cinema event and a film festival. I am responsible for the website and social media accounts.