Wednesday 15 May 2019
7:00 AM

Save Aldershot Town Meeting

Let's save Aldershot.

If you want a town centre you have to fight for it. If you don’t act why should anyone else? 

Millions of pounds are being spent on your town centre. You can decide what it’s spent on.

Aldershot Civic Society invites you to an emergency town meeting. We have invited:
- Leader of Rushmoor Borough Council (confirmed)
- Shaviram, the owner of the Galleries and the Arcade, (invited), 
- Aldershot MP (invited)
- Civic Voice speaker about High Streets (confirmed)

to listen to what you think.

This is the start of a positive future for Aldershot.

We want to know what will bring you into Aldershot town centre of the future, and we will fight to make that happen.

Venue: Empire, High Steet, Aldershot

Time: 7pm

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