About Us

Welcome to the website of the Aldershot Civic Society.

Our Civic Society works for the community, safeguarding our community’s quality of life, and promoting a healthy environment and civic pride in Aldershot. One of the ways we do this is by meeting regularly with local decision makers and stakeholders.

Aldershot Civic Society is open to join for all with an interest in Aldershot, and we actively encourage people who live, work, study, and play in Aldershot to get involved in our activities and contribute to our work.

We encourage local people to add their personal skills and creativity to our efforts to support sustainable local communities in a Home Town of which we can all be proud. When necessary, we take a stand against poor decisions that affect us all, and we regularly monitor and comment on planning applications about changes to our town.

With this website we aim to provide good, research based information on local issues. We hope that you find our website interesting and inspiring and a good source of information on the local issues that affect us all. Enjoy!


Our aim is to make Aldershot a good place to live, work and visit – a home town to be proud of. Within this context, we are:

  • Promoting a healthy environment
  • Promoting and saving our heritage
  • Promoting Civic Pride
  • Promoting Community Involvement
  • Promoting Local Democracy and participation in the democratic process
  • Conserving local/urban Wildlife and it’s habitat
  • Opposing detrimental planning applications
  • Fighting for local Adult Education (learning facilities)
  • Fighting against further loss of open green spaces and public facilities
  • Fighting for Local Democracy

The Aldershot Civic Society is an independent body; representing our diverse community and following our adopted policy of avoiding party politics.