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The Future of Aldershot Lido break
Dalai Lama visit Monday 29th June break
Meeting with Council on Rushmoor Plan break
Council Responds to Pub Campaign break
Council Reconsiders Lido break

Welcome to our website


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Welcome to the website of the Aldershot Civic Society. Civic Societies have a formal role as watchdogs for the community, monitoring and commenting on planning applications, safeguarding against damage to our quality of life, promoting a healthy environment and Civic Pride.

With the following pages we aim to provide good, research based information on local issues, encourage residents to add their personal skills and creativity to the effort to recreate sustainable local communities in a Home Town of which we all can be proud and, when necessary, make a stand against poor decisions by the authorities.

We hope that you will find the following pages interesting and inspiring and a good source of information on the local issues that affect us all. Enjoy!


The Future of Aldershot Lido
The Aldershot Civic Society have created an open questionnaire and we are keen to gather opinions ab...[ read more ]

Dalai Lama visit Monday 29th June
A wonderful atmosphere surrounded the ESS stadium this afternoon as crowds had eagerly awaited the a...[ read more ]

Meeting with Council on Rushmoor Plan
Aldershot Civic Society hosts a residents meeting on 1st July with Rushmoor Borough Council officers...[ read more ]

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