Aldershot Civic Society joins the Aldershot Task Force

Aldershot Civic Society has been invited to join the Aldershot Task Force and we are pleased to take our place at the table.

Rushmoor Borough Council has established the Aldershot Task Force, which will be an important stakeholder body and sounding board for the council’s and community’s work to transform Aldershot. We will be contributing at quarterly meetings alongside a broad range of local stakeholders, including developers, businesses and community organisations. Recently, at the first meeting, the Task Force discussed the council’s bid to central government’s Future High Streets Fund, seeking to gain revenue funding to work up the case for change in the town centre. 

We look forward to continuing to share and amplify the views of local people through the Task Force and to working more collaboratively with Rushmoor Borough Council through this and other mechanisms to make sure our communities’ voices are heard and taken into account.