Blue Plaque Scheme

Aldershot Civic Society Blue Plaque Scheme marks locations in Aldershot associated with the rich history of the town. Aldershot Civic Society has set up and manages the Blue Plaque Scheme to commemorate famous residents, historic buildings, and important events in the town with blue plaques.

Why does Aldershot need a Blue Plaque scheme?

With the Blue Plaque Schemes, the Civic Society wants to

  • celebrate the rich social, architectural, and military history of Aldershot,
  • recognise outstanding historical  of all backgrounds,
  • enable our community to remember and learn about the town’s past, and
  • enable visitors to our town to learn about the town’s past.

Our Blue Plaque Scheme is one of many schemes across the country that proudly recognise local famous citizens, historic events, or notable buildings through commemorative plaques.

Who or what qualifies for a Blue Plaque?

Aldershot Civic Society welcomes suggestions of people, places, organisations, or events to be considered for commemoration with a Blue Plaque.

An Aldershot Civic Society Blue Plaque can be erected to commemorate a person, place or event whose legacy is of lasting and clear significance.

The Civic Society will consider proposals using the adopted criteria for the Blue Plaque Scheme, below. The main point of the scrutiny is to ensure that the proposed person/place/event fulfills all the criteria for its category:

A person

  • Who has been dead at least 20 years; and
  • who has had a lasting and clear significance to Aldershot and the wider community; and
  • who lived or worked in the building or the site of the building on which the plaque will be erected, or be responsible for the building’s existence.

Places and buildings

  • That are locally or nationally known as of special significance and worthy of lasting recognition.


  • That took place at least 20 years ago; and
  • that had a lasting and clear significance to Aldershot or the wider community.

In all cases the proposed location for the plaque must be visible to the public.

Any blue plaques erected remain the property of Aldershot Civic Society.

The Blue Plaque Scheme is managed by the Blue Plaque sub-committee, who review proposed subjects, make recommendations to the Executive Committee, and manage the process of erecting blue plaques.

Our first Blue Plaque was for Arthur English and was erected on 15 July 2017. The BBC joined us and reported on the event both via broadcast and an online article.

Aldershot Civic Society’s first blue plaque celebrates Arthur English at 22 Lysons Road.


A crowd descended on the unveiling of our blue plaque for Arthur English, Aldershot’s favourite son.