Is this the “Design” we want in Aldershot Town Centre?

After opposing the application for homes on the Wellington Centre because of unimaginative and bland designs, another application has been made on Victoria Road which sees no improvement on design.

The application is to demolish Willow House on the corner of Victoria Road and Grosvenor Road.  Whilst we are happy to see the demolition of Willow House, and regeneration that enhances our town, the new designs in this application leaves much to be desired.  It’s effect on the surrounding views is to the detriment of the Aldershot West conservation area and looks out of place next to the Wesley Chambers (former Church looking down Victoria Road).

Featureless walls, and unimaginative doors and windows is pretty much all you can say about the application which also has no parking for its residents!

To see the application please visit the council web site