Save Our Staff – only 6 months to save the Royal Staff Pub

Many local people remember the great pub that The Royal Staff once was. Unfortunately, property prices make pubs prime targets for developers who have no interest in our communities.

too many pubs have been deliberately run down by these developers

Here are some of the issues around The Royal Staff since Fullers sold it for £265,00 in 2017:

  • Police intervened in the illegal employment of staff
  • Police intervened when it was discovered someone was living illegally in the garden
  • The owners separated the garden from the building via land registry in Jan 2018, making it two properties.  It cannot be sold as two properties whilst registered as a pub.
  • The council intervened when the garden was used to run a building company
  • The pub has operated erratic opening hours
  • The pub has often not served draft beer
  • The pub has been offered for sale twice, once in June 2020 for £650k and more recently for £550k.
  • On 9th June 2021, the owners applied for a change of use for the premises into a convenience store.  It is much easier to change a shop into accommodation.

But, there is another way…


Thanks to the first Save Our Staff campaign, The Royal Staff is officially an Asset of Community Value (ACV). This gives the community the opportunity to act.

The ACV means that now the pub is for sale, we officially have 6 months to work together and make a bid for the premises, otherwise the purchaser will be able to say there is no interest in it being a pub and apply for change of use with the council, where upon it will be lost.

THE GREAT NEWS is that a group of residents have already set up a company called ‘Aldershot Community Pub Limited’ to make community pubs possible in Aldershot.

What is a Community Pub?

Well, it is still a pub, but so much more besides. Owned by local people, it can be whatever the community decides. During the day it can be a hub where people can meet, both young and old. It can be a place where people learn new skills, business people network and specialist groups have time to support one another.

What do we need from you?

All we need to know is whether you are interested in finding out more about this. If you are, then send us your details and we will organise a meeting where we can discuss this further.

There is a lot of support out there for Community Pubs including grants and expertise.